Country Notebook

Belongs to Digital Enterprise program

CountryNotebook is a management with production log files.

CountryNotebook is an App consisting of an access toolcain to the structure of the entire project repository, with a default resource group, and Git repos and Issue Tracking tool integrations, Eclipse Orion wed IDE and Delivery Pipeline. This copybook is intended to manage the productions of a farm (main repository). The production log file is a group of repositories that contains other sub-repositories that manage the activities of the individual company, through management commits. After accessing the CountryNotebook management cloud, you choose, in this case, the Project Repository, which belongs to the path.


A profile screen appears with a list of directories, each of which has very specific functions:

  • “Master data”
  • “Anna agraia” where it reports the reference year of the productions.

There are two archives in the master file:

  • Name of the crop.
  • A plot unit, it inserts land information, the place of cultivation and hectares.

The culture name directory store lists the steps in which the operation is:
1. “Fertilizer”, inserts the date of the fertilization operation. First, you open the link to indicate the area where the operation is performed. Commits are then entered:

  • Culture.
  • Phenological phase.
  • Type of fertilizer and its units (N,P,K)
  • The unit of measurement.
  • Amount kg/ha.

2. “Plant protection treatments”, commits are also placed in this archive in order to hook the information with the section “”Fertilities”:

  • Operation date.
  • Name Culture (Repeated in this case to keep track)
  • Phenological phase.
  • Adversity to fight.
  • Active principle.
  • Business name.
  • Amount kg/ha.
  • Quantity lt/ha.


Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un'icona per effettuare l'accesso:

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