Digital Enterprise

Communication, Design, Marketing and Development

The companies that fall under the Digital Enterprise program are because they have clear ideas, create a brand.
Digital Enterprise, an IT project that brings companies in their digital growth, marketing, communication, internal project management and designer development…

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Agri Trade Cloud

In this project there are all the useful files to create, manage and monitor the event. The GitHub IT platform was chosen to better plan the event, so as to be able to keep track of all the actions involved in order to have an efficient result…

TradeData Fertilizers

IT structure that deals with the management of industrial processes, until the final achievement of production and the market entry of products (fertilizer range)…

Country Notebook

CountryNotebook is a management with production log files.
This copybook is intended to manage the productions of a farm (main repository). The production log file is a group of repositories that contains other sub-repositories that manage the activities of the individual company, through management commits


DataTrade is a management company, written experimentally. Currently only the selected Beta Testers can verify the features…

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Blockchain Skills for ICT Professionals by AICA and Universitè Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Code repository Digital Platform MOOC by the University of Urbino

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Computer scientist.
Beta Tester Facebook platform web.
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Professional partner ICT – Italian Association for IT and Automatic Calculation (AICA).